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To ensure the health and safety of all we are following the current guidelines and protocols as set out by the government regarding COVID-19. We are open for business and if you would like to visit we ask that you call ahead to make an appointment. For any inquiries please feel free to email us at [email protected] 832 823 1901

See some of our most popular models below …

Lifestyle Series 7200GB

This Lifestyle Series is our most popular design because it has 3 bedrooms, one of which is on the ground floor. It includes kitchen, bathroom, lounge/dining, two loft sleeping areas and ample storage. The perfect size for permanent living, holiday accommodation, weekend retreat or Airbnb rental.


Lifestyle Series 7200DLS

This Lifestyle Series is becoming one of our most popular designs.  This tiny has two spacious lofts. It includes our latest kitchen design with pull out bench top, combined bathroom/laundry, lounge/dining and ample storage. The perfect size for permanent living, holiday accommodation, weekend retreat or Airbnb rental.


Lifestyle Series 7200NLR

This Tiny Home has everything you need all on the one level! The bedroom area can be single, double, or queen size. It includes kitchen, bathroom, lounge/dining and ample storage. The perfect size for permanent living, holiday accommodation, weekend retreat or Airbnb rental.


Graduate Series 6000SLS

Enjoy all the features including kitchen, bathroom, lounge/dining area, storage stairs, master loft and the additional single loft. Perfect for permanent living, guest house, Airbnb rental or weekend retreat.


Independent Series 4800

Our Independent Series includes kitchen, bathroom, lounge/dining, sleeping area and ample storage. It contains all you need for permanent living or other options like holiday rental, Airbnb rental, guest house or extra space for a growing family.

IS4800 Reduced 2.0

Studio Series 3600NL

Our Studio Series 3600NL is perfect for the extra space you may need for temporary accommodation or sleeping quarters when there’s no room left in the house! Includes full ensuite with shower, flushing toilet, vanity basin and mirror cabinet. Main area can be designed to include either bedroom, kitchenette and or laundry.

Eco Tiny Home

Tiny House Solar Trailers

A solar trailer is a great way to provide power to your property when a regular roof top installation is just not possible. They can be positioned up to 50m away from your power need and orientated to perfectly capture the sun. You can even move the solar to suit summer or winter light conditions.

Tiny House Trailers

If you want to build your own tiny home we can help you out by getting you started with the trailer.  These trailers provide the perfect tiny home base from which you can build your own tiny home. 

Top reasons to go ‘Tiny’ with us:

Stylish and spacious tiny homes with quality finish.

Custom designs at no additional charge.

We deliver USA wide.

Affordable, alternative housing solution.

Sustainable low-impact living.

Friendly zoning requirements *

Experienced staff in home building and design.

“Grant and the whole team at Designer Eco Tiny Homes have been a pleasure to deal with – right from design stage, through to final delivery of our Tiny Home. The finishes on our house truly are designer quality with beautiful timber used throughout. Grant wasn’t afraid to push the boundary of what our Tiny Home could be and kept communication open throughout the design process, taking every small detail into the customisation of our roaming home. Grant’s insight and experience, not only into building, but his tips for towing and manoeuvring the Tiny Home have been invaluable. We are so happy with our Tiny Home!”

Nadia Clifton | Read More Customer Feedback

What is a Tiny House?

A Tiny Home is a new way to build in a sustainable way. Conventional homes are fixed to the ground, whereas a Tiny Home is built on top of a steel chassis with axles, wheels, braking system and tow hitch.

Park it in your back yard for extra accommodation or travel with it to your holiday destination.  It is classed as a registered RV/Mobile Home. Unlike conventional Rvs and mobile homes, a Tiny Home is designed to look like a house and built like one.

Eco Tiny Home

Why a Tiny House?

  1. Tiny Homes are a sustainable and a low-impact type of living.
  2. You can live a flexible life, without the restrictions of a fixed dwelling.
  3. Tiny Homes are relatively lower in costs than a traditional home, so you can live debt-free more easily.
  4. Our Tiny Homes are custom built to meet your individual needs.
  5. They are built off site and delivered so you don’t have to experience the construction noise or mess.
  6. Our Tiny Homes are a registered RV/Mobile Home, so in many cases they may be exempt from zoning restrictions saving you time and money.
  7. A Tiny Home can provide a low-cost living option in places where the cost of living is high.

Tiny Homes and Planet Earth

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